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Date: 13th October 2016
Office Humidifiers 240ml Water Bottle Plastic White Easy To Clean Cool Mist Led Ultrasonic For Dry Air
Do you want to improve the environment of your room? Do you want to have a good skin? Here is a product :USB Air Humidifier will help you. Then you can refresh you air ,moisturize your dry skin and have a elegant life.Item No.:YYM-JSQ 240 001Capacity:240mlFeatures:1. USB Air Humidifier2. Four kinds of spray mode choice3. Built-in blue LED Nightlight4. Large tank capacity, without adding water repeatedlySpecifications:Dimensions :Approx 80*80*140mmPower?DC 5V 500mA ??Max Hours:8 hoursMist amount:20-30ml/hrCapacity:240mlMaterial :PP+ABSProtection:Anti-dry protectionVibration:UltrasonicUsage:For car and TablePacking QTY:40PCSNW/GW:10/11kg?MEAS:55.5*44*41CMPackage Type: The original packaging of usPackage Contents:?1 x mini Humidifier1 x USB cable1 x User Manual ? ????Maintenance:After using 5-6times,or2-3days,please clean the product as follows:?Unplug the device from mains supply and remove cover?Pour out any remaining supply and remove cover?Unplug the power cable from the device?Put 1 tablespoon of citric acid in the water tank,add warm water (up to 70 degree)?Leave for 5 minutes ,and then drain solution from the tank?Wip with soft clothNever use other acids, enzymes or detergents, as this may risk poisonous gas to be created or cause malfunction.Attention:1.The amount and intensity of mist produced will vary,but this is not unusual and should not be considered as a fault.2.Factors that affect this include water type, humidity, temperature, air currents.3.If there is no water in the water tank,please do not press the switch button4.Please do not put essential oils or other types of liquid into the water tank.FAQ:Q1: Is it both warm and cool mist or just cool mist?A1: Hello, it is cool mist.Q2: Will be wet the floor from humidifier?A2: No, it won't. The humidifier just release the fresh air, not make the floor wet.Q3: Does it can add aromatherapy liquid drops to water?A3: No, it doesn't.Q4: Can I use any type of essential oil?A4: I'm sorry, you can't.Q5: Does this need filters?A5: No, it doesn't.
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