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Date: 13th October 2016
Aromatherapy Pendant Diffuser 160ml Round Plastic White Eco Ultrasonic USB LED For Office
Convenient And Safe Use Aroma Diffuser, 4 Working Time Setting. Let your Enjoy An Easy Life. Choose Our Aroma Diffuser, You Will Receive A Healthy Way Of Life.Item NO: YYM-XXJ 160 001Capacity: 160mlFeatures:?The Latest ultrasonic atomization technology, Professional Fragrance To DesignBladder Type Water Tank, Convenient And Safe UseAdopts The Latest Ultrasonic Atomization Technology4 Four Working Timer SettingCool Light Effects, colorful color for chooseAutomatically Detect Water Level, Prevent Dry?specifications:Dimensions:?Approx 120*90MMWeight(excluding adapter):?Approx 225gPower:?Input / Output: AC100-240V 50/60Hz /DC 12V 1Alength of card:?Approx 180CMElectric consumption:?Approx 12WTank capacity:?160MLMaterials:PPAccessories:Adaptor User ManualMethod of mist production:Ultrasonic vibration at approx 1.7MHzPackage type: The original packaging of uspackage content:1 x 160ML Aroma Diffuser1 x USB cable1 x User ManualUser's Guide:1.Please put the product upside, and remove the upper cover.2.Please connect the AC adaptor to the base of DC jack of the main body via cable guide.3.Please fill in the water and essential oil carefully.4.Drop essential oil into water tank carefully.5.You must cover the upper cover when you want to use the product.6.Press the switch for mist function.Attention:1. The amount and intensity of mist produced will vary, but this is not unusual and should not be considered as a fault.2. Factors that affect this include water type, humidity, temperature, air currents.3. If there is no water in the tank, pressing the MIST will cause the unit to "Beep" 3 timers to remind you to add water. The unit will not work without water.4. Only 100% natural essential oil can be used in this product. Those containing chemical fragrance, spice or impurities will cause malfunction. Use 2 or 3 drops of essential oil per 160ML water a time. Too much oil will clog the system and cause malfunction . Please clean the unit as per the maintenance instructions, before changing to use a new type of essential oil.?FAQ:Q1: Does it will make noise? How much?A1: In normal, it doesn't make noise. But at some times, it will has a little noise. But will not affect people.Q2: Is the aroma diffuser work quite?A2: Yes, it is. It hasn't any noise.Q3: How to clean the diffuser?A3: You can clean it with a damp paper towel and a little dish soap, and then thoroughly dry. Cleaning directions are included with the box.Q4: Is it easy to clean?A4: Yes, it's very easy to clean.Q5: Does it has an Auto shut off system? Or it will shut off automatic?A5: Yes, it shuts off automatically when the water runs out.
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